Here Are Some Easy Betta Fish Breeding Tips 2021

breeding betta fish

Breeding betta fish is not for the novice fish owner. You want to be familiar with the care of your betta fish before you think about breeding them. This way you know what is normal behavior and what is breeding behavior when it comes to the male betta. So, here are some betta fish breeding tips.

Using betta fish breeding tips.

Using betta fish breeding tips, you know that you need is to make sure that you have quality fish. There are websites that you can order the fish from, and the fish ship well. When you get them, you can’t just put them in the tank and let them breed. You need to get them ready, which means a couple of weeks of feeding them good food.

Once you have started that, you want to clean your tank. After that, you want to start getting the tank ready. Part of this process involves cutting a Styrofoam cup, or something similar, in half. You want to float it in the water so that there is some air trapped between the water and the top of the cup. When it comes to betta fish breeding tips, this is one that you cannot skip. When you have done that, you can start introducing your fish. You want to let the male into the water first, and let him get used to the tank.

Keep Male & Female Separated By Glass

Another of the betta fish breeding tips is to keep the female in the same tank but separated by the glass for two to three days. Breeding behavior will have your male showing off for the female and creating a bubble nest under the cup. Females will show vertical bars. Once you see those signs, let the female be in with the male. The male will chase her and nip at her fins. It may take a couple of days for them to finalize the deal. Once they do, take the female out of the tank. Betta fish eggs are taken care of by the male. It will take 4 days for the eggs to hatch out to fry. Once the fry has hatched, you need to take the male out of the tank. Then all you need to do is feed your betta fry appropriate food until you can tell if they are males or females, and separate them out.

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