Bubble Magus Curve 9 Review

Bubble Magus manufactures a wide range of equipment for aquariums. The Bubble Magus Curve is their line of protein skimmers. The curve model is identified by the number after the word curve. The higher the series, the greater the capacity. For example, the Bubble Magus Curve 9 is designed for a 900 liter / 240 gallon to 1500 liter / 400 gallon tank. The Bubble Magus 7 is designed for tanks containing 150 to 240 gallons. If you have a 240 gallon tank, we’d recommend the Bubble Magus 9.

In this Bubble magus curve 9 review, we’ll address the pros and cons of this protein skimmer model. We’ll also share a number of observations that are not clear-cut pros or cons but might affect your decision to buy it.

The Pros About Bubble Magus Curve 9

This protein skimmer is the ideal choice for a 240 gallon tank with sensitive corals or up to a 350 gallon tank containing less sensitive fish. The protein skimmer can be used with 400 gallon fish tanks assuming you’re not raising a large number of coral. It can be hard to find protein skimmers with this great of a capacity.  This, for me, is a great selling point for the product.

It is easy to adjust the air flow rate coming from the needle wheel pump. And the high performance pump is relatively quiet, assuming the air flow rate is low and the water level is right.

The collection cup is easy to access and then empty. This makes the Bubble Magus Curve 9 much more convenient to use than the competition. Once you get it set up, it requires little maintenance beyond the standard emptying of the gunk it collects. A regular maintenance regime will minimise any issues.

You can use it in both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks. The components are not going to rust or degrade on exposure to the salt.

Details About The Bubble Magus Curve 9

It is surprisingly sensitive to water height. All Bubble Magus Curve models in this range need 9 to 11 inches of depth. It won’t work properly if the water is too shallow or too deep. You can manage it at eight inches of depth in some cases. Just don’t let the water get too high or it won’t work properly.

The footprint for this protein skimmer is roughly nine inches by eight inches by 20 inches. The collection cup itself is six inches. You must give it enough space to work properly. Don’t have the pump inlet too close to the filtration sump pump. It is more likely to clog. If you don’t have the space for this protein skimmer, the Bubble Magus QQ1hang-on” model may be a better choice. Note that that only works on rimless fish tanks. You can also use the QQ1 protein skimmer to supplement the Bubble Magus Curve 9, if the water is particularly dirty or you already own one.

If the water column is very dirty, you may have to put the protein skimmer in a lower water level until it has been somewhat cleaned. However, you’ll need to empty the collection cup regularly. And, soon, you will need to adjust the water level to the 8 to 11 inch height needed for the protein skimmer to work properly.

You can use the pumps from similar models by this manufacturer, if yours starts to break down. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide a lot of spare parts online.

A skimmer neck cleaner is available for this protein skimmer, but it is sold separately. The model number for the Magus Curve 9 is ACS-200. But unlike pumps, the neck cleaner for this model of protein skimmer cannot be used on other protein skimmers, even those by the same manufacturer. Unless you’re running a pet shop or have quite a few aquariums, that hardware is unnecessary. And it isn’t even practical unless every aquarium you’re using has the exact same protein skimmer in it.

The Cons About The Bubble Magus Curve 9

The air inlet is close to the protein skimmer lid. The lid has a few holes to handle an overflow, but a severe overflow will clog it. The risk of this happening is low but worth considering as you’ll get a salty, semi-liquid overflow. One way to deal with this is to take the protein skimmer out and then take it apart to clean it. The skimmer must be emptied regularly to avoid this. This can be viewed as regular maintenance to ensure your skimmer works effectively.

This unit is could be viewed as more expensive than the competition.  However, you do tend to get what you pay for and with this model it does boast a longer operating life. Performance is equal to its competitors for the product category.

The manufacturer's customer service has been reported, by a small number of people, as not always as helpful as it could be.  YouTube and many other aquarium sites offer advice on set up and maintenance and there are others sources available for you to gain confidence in the product.  Overall the reviews for this product are good, however if you do need to contact customer services the advice is to be persistent and clearly articulate what you want from them, whether that is refund or replacement for your product.

The instructions that come with your skimmer are limited.  For example, they don’t give advice on how to effectively clean it. Again, you can find help on the internet but generally the advice is that you can use soap and water to sterilize it. You may need to use a mix of water and white vinegar before you install it in the fish tank. Note that it needs to be thoroughly rinsed with existing tank water before you put it in the tank, if you want to maintain the proper pH. We discuss issues with the ideal water level for this protein skimmer in our details section.


This protein skimmer is durable, has high-capacity and is very reliable. It is not as easy to set up as similar products, but it is easy to use, once set up, as long as you stay on top of the maintenance schedule. You do not need the companion hardware that may be offered alongside it, but most other Bubble Magus products are compatible with this protein skimmer.