Fish care caring for your fishes and how to choose them for your aquarium.

Of late there has been a movement against using the phrase “fish diseases” in favour of “fish health”. And rightly so, since “fish diseases” is a negative phrase implying that it is almost inevitable for fish to contract an ailment; it also deflects attention away from the fact that, as caring hobbyists, we should be providing the best possible conditions as a prevention against such diseases. Bearing all this in mind, it has to be said that marine fish are far more likely to experience some form of ailment than their freshwater counterparts, mainly due to the fact that the marine environment is so much more difficult to maintain. read more about caring for your fish

Choosing the right fish for your aquarium

This ultimate guide to your first aquarium. we're going to talk about choosing the right fish now it might seem strange to make this decision now rather than later but if you think about it so many of the decisions that you're going to make when it comes to your equipment your tank size and all that is predicated on what type of fish you're keeping. Read more on choosing the right fish for your aquarium.

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