Choosing the right fish for your fish aquarium fishes for beginners

This ultimate guide to your first aquarium. we're going to talk about choosing the right fish now it might seem strange to make this decision now rather than later but if you think about it so many of the decisions that you're going to make when it comes to your equipment your tank size and all that is predicated on what type of fish you're keeping.

choosing fish for aquarium

It's better to make this decision now and set the tank up which is suitable for the fish that you want.

Let's talk about some of the things that you need to look for when selecting what type of fish you're going to keep.  It is not an easy decision to make with so many options available to this hobby.

It can be quite overwhelming, added to the fact that many of the choices out there won't mix well together.  It's a decision that can take some time to make so plan on doing some research and take your time.  Enjoy this process this is one of the fun parts.

There are different types of fish that are available to you but understand that when you see one that you like you need to do some research on that particular fish.  You can't just run into the store grab a handful of fish and throw them in the tank.  If you do you might be turning your tank into a battlefield or it might be like throwing your new fish into a gas chamber.

Research the fishes you want to keep.

Again research research research!  When you see the fish that you like you need to do some research and I'm going to give you a list of things to look for.

Before you make your decision, the first thing to look for is what type of water parameters do your fish require.  This will tell you whether your tap water at home is acceptable for the fish or if you might need to make some changes to the pH or harden it up a little bit to suit the fish that you want to keep.

All of these things are easy to do but some people don't want to mess with that.  For some people, you might just want to just put the fish in your tank and not have to worry.  In all cases, you will want to get fish that are going to match the parameters that you have.

How big can the fish get

The next thing you need to look for is how big these fish can potentially get.  This is going to help you decide what size aquarium to get.  When you're first setting up your first tank you don't want to end up buying a small tank and then end up needing to go out and buy a second tank because the first one that you got was too small.  Know how big your fish are going to get before you even spend any money.

Fish compatibility

The next thing to look for is to find out what type of fish are compatible with your choice of fish.

Not all breeds of fish get along in the same space.  You don't want to put your fish into a tank and have it end up fighting with every other fish.  Knowing what these fish are compatible with is going to help you in deciding tank mates in future.

One of the first things that you should look for is the fish's temperament.  This is important because you don't want to put a fish in that you think is going to be a nice little sweetheart and it turns out to be a bully in your tank and stress out the other fishes.

Research the habits of the fish

Find out if your fish is aggressive maybe mildly aggressive or if they're a nice fish.  This is going to help you out a lot to keep peace in your tank.  You will also know which fish you can put with it and fish that you can't.  You need to know if your fish is an open water swimmer a bottom dweller.  Also, if they like to have a lot of hiding places as this is going to help you to make decisions regarding decorations for the tank.

You might be a minimalist like me, and you don't like a lot of decorations in the tank, well you're going to want open swimmers if that's your style.  Conversely, if you love really intricately decorated tanks and you love all of the rock formations, it might make sense to get fish that don't require a lot of open space.

Bottom Dwellers

These fish are pretty self-explanatory.  They scavenge the bottom, picking up leftover food, or sometimes even snacking on other fishes waste.  So if you're going to keep a lot of bottom dwellers you need to keep a lot of floor space open for the fish to be able to scavenge through.

Another thing to think about is something that I think a lot of people overlook and that is your fish's breeding habits.  There are so many things that can happen in an aquarium if your fish start breeding.  Their attitudes can change and they can become violent towards other fish.  You don't want this in your tank!  Also, if you don't want babies in your tank a suggestion would be to but a separate breeding tank.

Another consideration is that some fish will breed all the time and some are very difficult to breed.   If you intend to breed it's good to know the fishes breeding habits before you buy one.

When you are looking a fish in the pet store, a suggestion is to Google the fish.  This allows you to find out as much as possible before purchasing.  The key is not to rush!  Take your time and educate yourself properly about the fish that you're interested in before you actually buy it. Trust me you will be saving yourself a ton of headaches down the road.

I hope this has helped you in your decision on choosing the right fish.

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