Aquarium Fish Stocking Calculator

When keeping fish at home there is so much to consider. Most of your decisions will primarily depend on which fish you intend to keep. Whether its freshwater fish or marine fish will dictate some of the equipment you will need to purchase. Once you have decided which fish you are going to have, the size of your tank is very important. Some fish like to swim around a lot whilst others will be more sedate and gently flow through the water. To help understand how many fish you can keep in the size of aquarium you have or are thinking of buying, use the calculator to get an idea. This fish stocking calculator should be used as an indicative calculation only. It calculates the total number of inches available against a predefined tank size. It does not allow for how active your fish might be so this is why you should only use this as a guide. Enter the tank dimensions and this will give you total inches available. The inches are the length of the fish excluding the tail. Also allow for any growth you may see in your fish. If you have infant fish now, you may not necessarily want to have to buy a bigger tank as they grow.


Fish Stocking Level Calculator

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