Some of the most popular tank sizes and weights

When looking for the right size tank you don't only have to think about just the size but also the weight of the tank including the water and stand.

Acrylic tanks

The benefits of acrylic tanks

Acrylic is 4-10 times lighter than glass and so can be your first consideration. You will need to allow for 8.35 lb per US gallon of water plus the weight of your tank when calculating total weight.

Acrylic is far less likely to smash or shatter than glass.

Acrylic easily moulds into different shapes and so you can find a more varied shape for acrylic tanks.

Acrylic is thinner than glass or very little.
No distortion this then gives you true to life visibility of your fish and plant life.

The disadvantages of acrylic tanks.

acrylic can scratch and Mark far easier than glass.
stand your use will need support across the whole base of the tank as acrylic can bow.

Top of the tank will need some support than a glass tank to reduce acrylic bowing.

Acrylic can discolour these tanks can go yellow with age.
acrylic tanks are more expensive than glass tanks.

Glass tanks

Advantages of glass tanks.

Almost scratch proof, glass can hold the weight of the water better than acrylic this means you will only need a frame stand to support each corner of the tank.

Glass maintains clarity and does not discolour and is cheaper than acrylic.

Disadvantages of glass tanks

Light bends with glass so can cause distortion and make the fish look bigger than they really are.
Glass is heavier than acrylic.Can smash or shatter.

More rigid than acrylic so can limit you to a square or rectangular aquarium if you find a curved glass aquarium the light is bent significantly causing distortion to what you see.

Non-tempered glass needs to be used if installing a filtration system and this tends to be quite thick glass.

Weight of your tank.

Just the weight of the water for popular tank sizes is as follows.​​​


Weight lbs

Weight Kg







30 gallons





55 gallons



65 gallons





90 gallons



100 gallons



Aquarium tank weights

Tank weights for a 75 gallon tank would be approximately 

This shows the difference between Acrylic and Glass tanks.

You will need to add the weight of the tank itself and everything you put in it also don't forget the weight of your stand.

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