The best 40 gallon aquariums that offer value for money
2020 reviews.

best 40 gallon aquarium

When looking for a 40 gallon aquarium, there are many choices around. It's trying to find the right one that can take the time. So we've got together the best 40 gallon tanks available in 2020.

40 gallons is a good medium size if space and the weight of the tank is a consideration. If you would prefer a smaller aquarium then a 10 gallon tank  or even a 20 gallon aquarium would be a good choice, depending on what type of aquarium you wanted or the type of fish you want to keep. or if you wanted to go bigger then a 75 gallon tank might be suitable. or even smaller down to a 5 gallon tank.

They are rated on value for money any extra features they have. Some may come with overflow pumps and you also have the option of rimless glass.

Best 40 gallon tanks comparison review table





best 40 gallon aquarium

SeaClear 40 gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

36" x 15" x 16"

  • Truly see clear
  •  very light and extremely clear
40 gallon aquarium

SeaClear 40 gallon System II Acrylic Aquarium

36" x 15" x 16"

  • Full Hood with 24" fluorescent fixture
  •  Acrylic Aquariums are 17 times stronger than glass
40 gallon saltwater tank

Deep Blue Professional Glass Standard Extra High Aquarium

30" x 12" x 24"

  • Made From Thickest Distortion Free Glass Material
  • diamond polish edges
40 gallon acrylic aquarium

Clear-for-life Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium 40 Gallon aquarium Clear

36" x 15" x 16"

  • Classic rectangle shape
  • Acrylic aquariums are 40% brighter

Rimless and bridge-less aquariums.

 A center bridge is a fixed piece of glass in the top of the aquarium that stops the glass from Bowing so the center-bridge is used to hug the aquarium in so it hugely increases the strength of the aquarium. Now there are rimless brace-less aquariums that don't have Center-bridges but if you're going to have one of these aquariums that have no center-bridge the glass must be extra thick because all of the support to the aquarium must be drawn from the thickness of the glass at the corner joints.

Here are our top 5 40 gallon aquariums.

SeaClear 40 gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

best 40 gallon aquarium
  1. Combo includes aquarium, reflector and electrical 24" light fixture
  2. Acrylic aquariums are clearer than glass, 17 times stronger, and only half the weight!
  3. More impact resistant and less prone to chipping or cracking than glass, making  it safer around children and pets
  4. Safe for Salt or Freshwater

The Sea clear 40 gallon acrylic aquarium offers good value for money. The benefit of Acrylic is that it weighs a lot less than glass. Almost half the weight of the equivalent glass tank size. 

The other benefits are the view through the aquarium can be a lot clearer than glass, also it is a lot stronger than glass, up to 17 times stronger than glass. It is also safe to use with marine saltwater setups.

The only concern with acrylic is that it can scratch a bit easier than glass so worth considering. But then it does have the extra safety feature that it won't chip or crack which is important if you have children of pets in the house.

With the virtually invisible seams, the seaclear is a very good choice for a 40 gallon aquarium the other feature this tank comes with a reflector and 24" light fixture.

size 36 x 15 x 16 inches.

SeaClear 40 gallon System II Acrylic Aquarium

40 gallon fish tank
  1. SeaClear System ll Acrylic Aquarium offers a true wet/dry biological filtration system built into the back of the aquarium
  2. Filter includes chambers that accommodate biological, mechanical and chemical filter media as well as space for a heater and the optional System II Protein Skimmer (sold separately)
  3. Full Hood with 24" fluorescent fixture (light bulb not included); Efficient and economical to run
  4. Quick change pre-filter makes cleaning simple; Air-injected nozzle

Another great 40 gallon Acrylic aquarium from SeaClear, This one utilises their system II design that is built into the tank to offer a full filtration system.

This system offers a wet or even a dry biological filtration system that is built into the back of the tank. Which includes chambers that biological, chemical and mechanical filter media. It also allows space for a heater, and the optional protein skimmer, these you can purchase separately. to make it a full modular set up.

The moulded turbulence manifold allows for great circulation throughout the entire aquarium. This does make this set up a noise free without any outside tank plumbing needed.

This tank features a full hood with 24" fluorescent fixtures, a four-way adjustable skimmer gate, which prevents fish from entering the filter. media tray for chemical/carbon filtration.

All this in an acrylic aquarium for that added strength and safety.

Tank size 36 x 15 x 16 inches

Deep Blue Professional Glass Standard Extra High Aquarium

40 gallon reef tank
  1. Standard Extra High Aquarium Tank
  2. Made From Thickest Distortion Free Glass Material
  3. Features universally sized injection moulded frames, industrial strength black seal and diamond polish edges
  4. Tank Has 37-Gallon Capacity
  5. Measures 30-Inch Length By 12-Inch Width By 24-Inch Height

The deep blue isn't quite a 40 gallon aquarium as it's 3 gallons short! but what it lacks in capacity it makes up for in height!

This tank is great if you don't have as much width space needed for a 40 gallon tank as this is 30" wide rather than the 36".

And having a deeper aquarium can bring other benefits too.

The deep blue features distortion-free thick glass injection moulded frames with diamond polished edges for a nice smooth safe finish.

Tank size 30" length. 12" wide. 24" high

Clear-for-life Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium 40 Gallon aquarium Clear

40 gallon aquarium tank
  1. Classic rectangle shape.
  2. Adds depth while maintaining a small footprint.
  3. Designed for freshwater, saltwater, or reef environments.
  4. Vivid colors of fish, plants, and marine life are enhanced with acrylic due to its greater luminosity.
  5. Acrylic aquariums are 40% brighter, 17% stronger, and 50% lighter than glass aquariums.

The clear for life by Advance aqua tanks have been building aquariums since 1986 so they know how to build an aquarium.

Made from cell cast acrylic which they are so confident about they offer a lifetime warranty on any leaks the tanks ever have from manufacturing defects. which does put one's mind to rest.

Again being acrylic which offers a stronger tank and also increases the visual effect due to greater luminosity.

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