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So you've been looking for a good 75 gallon tank? Let's take a look at some good candidates

best 75 gallon aquarium

If you are considering a tank of this size then it is highly likely that you are already an experienced hobbyist.  Not to say that a beginner, with the right research, could take on an aquarium of this size but you do need to know what you are taking on. When buying a 75 gallon aquarium there are lots of options out there, so trying to find the right one can take some time.

So we've checked out the best 75 gallon tanks and compiled a list which hopefully will help you decide which aquarium is right for you.

A couple on the list are just over and under 75 gallons, however, we thought they were worth adding due to them being a good aquarium and value for money.

If a 75 gallon tank is a bit too large for you, then you could look at a smaller aquarium a 10 gallon tank is great for rooms with lack of space or even a 20 or 40 gallon aquarium. and down to a 5 gallon tank.

The options with aquariums can vary from distortion-free glass to diamond polish edges.

Some also come with plumbing kits already fitted. Also don't forget to check out our unique fish tank decorations review.

Best 75 gallon aquarium comparison table





75 gallon fish tank

Top fin 75 gallon hooded aquarium


18.5"L x 48.5"W x 21.1/4"H

best 75 gallon aquarium

Marineland 75 gallon majesty aquarium


18"L x 48"W x 21"H

75 gallon reef tank

75 Gallon by Aquarium Masters Standard Framed.


18"L x 48"W x 20"H

75 gallon glass aquarium

Edge 75 Gallon Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium With Plumbing Kit.


18"L x 48"W x 20"H

75 gallon fish aquarium

80 Gallon Frag Reef Ready Framed Aquarium with Plumbing Kit, by Aquarium Masters


16"L x 48"W x 24"H

75 gallon aquarium setup

All Glass Aquarium with One Over Flow Pump


18.4"L x 36.4"W x 24"H

Some Aquariums Are Rimless Aquariums.

So what is a rimless tank? A rimless aquarium is one which doesn't have a rim at the top, and this also means it does not have a lid. These tanks are fully open at the top thus it gives you easy access to the water. 

A rimless aquarium also doesn't usually have a rim at the bottom of the tank. The appeal of a rimless tank is that they are very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, also they give you easy access to the water and the fish.

75 Gallon Tank Dimensions

When looking for a 75 gallon aquarium the dimensions are important to know as this is not a small tank and space and weight will feature in the decision of what tank you require.  At this size tanks can take on all sorts of shapes and sizes but if you were considering a rectangular tank then roughly the dimensions would be 18" x 48" x 21".  When considering weight, whether you go for a glass or acrylic tank will be a consideration.  Also, don't forget the weight of the water.  1 litre of water weighs 2.2lbs so for a tank of this size you are looking at around 626lbs just for the water.  The weight of the tank, filters, fish, gravel and ornaments will need to be added on.

Top fin 75 gallon hooded aquarium

75 gallon aquarium fish tank
  1. Includes: Aquarium, 1 - 48" Full Fluorescent Hood Lamp 
  2. Used For: Freshwater Fish and Saltwater Fish 
  3. Tank Size: 75 gallon 
  4. Installation Type: Stand 
  5. Color: Black 
  6. Shape: Rectangle 
  7. Dimensions: 18.5"L x 48.5"W x 21.125"H 
  8. Material: Glass

This 75 gallon size aquarium is made with care to ensure that it can stand up to almost any application.

This aquarium features one-piece center-braced frames that eliminate glass bowing.

Quality construction for fresh or marine applications. 

It comes with 1 48" fluorescent lamp, which if you wanted could be swapped for 2x 24" lamps if you wanted to.

The tank is a decent size measuring 18.5" long 48.5" wide and 21.1/4" high. Which is plenty of room for your fish stretch their fins!

Marineland 75 gallon majesty aquarium

best 75 gallon aquarium
  1. Glass Canopy
  2. LED LightBlack Stand
  3. Tank Size:  75 Gallon
  4. Tank Dimensions: 18"L x 48"W x 21"H
  5. Stand Dimensions:  "L x 50"W 29"H
  6. Environment: Freshwater and Saltwater

The Marineland rectangular 75 gallon aquarium delivers a stylish design, with versatility and functionality.

This tank is ideal for freshwater fish, marine saltwater fish, and also works well for a reptile environment, it can be used with hang-on style filters, internal filters, and also canister filters.

The Silicone-sealed top frame prevents capillary action. The Majesty wood cabinet stand provides a very stylish look and versatility in one package and will look great in any room of your home and will make a nice feature that friends and family will want themselves.

It has a black water-resistant finish. With a Distortion-free glass that provides a lifetime of beauty and durability.

75 Gallon by Aquarium Masters Standard Framed.

75 gallon tank
  1. Diamond polished edges, distortion-free glass, black frame top & bottom.
  2. Dimensions/Size: 48"x18"x20" Weight: 101.2 lbs.
  3. Aquarium Masters Standard Framed Aquariums are assembled with the highest quality material available. Every aquarium is rigorously inspected to exceed industry standards and expectations.
  4. A variety of lighting systems and filters are available for all sizes.

The Aquarium masters tank has diamond polished edges for a better safer finish, also distortion-free glass, so you don't get that strange effect when you look in through the tank.

The Dimensions of the tank are 48"x18"x20" and it weighs 101.2lbs

Edge 75 Gallon Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium With Plumbing Kit.

75 gallon fish tank aquarium
  1. Opti-Pure ultra clear glass, diamond polished edges, distortion-free glass, rimless top, black frame bottom, centre overflow, patented flow rate system
  2. Dimensions/Size: 48"x18"x20"; Weight: 145.2 lbs
  3. Included in every Edge Series Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium is the patented adjustable flow rate system, a 1" drain, and a 3/4" return, diamond polished edges for safety, commercial grade black silicone sealant for aesthetic appeal that also prevents capillary action and leakage and our Opti-Pure Ultra clear glass (front panel only)
  4. Comes with 20 Inch Reef Plumbing Kit

The edge rimless reef ready aquarium is a good value for money tank.

It comes with a plumbing kit ready to go which saves a bit time trying to find the right one.

What's included in the edge aquarium is their patented adjustable flow rate system, which is a 1" drain, and a 3/4" return.

The Edge aquarium is a rimless top, with a black framed body.

80 Gallon Frag Reef Ready Framed Aquarium with Plumbing Kit, by Aquarium Masters

75 gallon saltwater aquarium
  1. Made of distortion free glass, diamond polished edges, one pre-filter corner overflow, patented flow rate system, 1" drain and 3/4" return
  2. Dimensions/Size: 48"x24"x16"; Frame: Black; Weight: 94.6 lbs
  3. Comes with 16 Inch Reef Plumbing Kit
  4. An Aquarium Masters Reef Ready Framed Aquarium has a frame on top and bottom, and one or more pre-filters installed, is drilled in one or more corners of the aquarium and or the center, and uses distortion-free glass & diamond polished edges.

This aquarium masters is a 80 gallon tank, but it does boast a reef ready aquarium with a 16" reef plumbing kit. with a 1 " drain and a 3/4 return. This system reduces unwanted noises you can get with a filter system.

This aquarium has a frame on and on the bottom which makes it a sturdy tank, With the distortion-free glass that is diamond polish to give it a nice finished feel.

The dimensions are 48" 24" 16"

All Glass Aquarium AAG12302 with One Over Flow Pump, 65-Gallon, Fluorescent

75 gallon breeder tank
  1. Water flows in from the bottom, middle, and top inlets and spills over the inner wall of overflow into a reservoir.
  2. Unfiltered water passes through the drain pipe and out of Tank to the main filter system.
  3. Filtered water is pumped back into the tank.

This 65 gallon aquarium from all glass is a very good value for money tank.

It features the MegaFlow system which allows maximum water flow to the main filtration system. This also reduces the cascading water noise from the system.

The Mega-flow system draws water from the bottom, mid-range and the service. This makes sure water is circulated evenly thought the aquarium to eliminate dead water zones.

It measures 36.4 x 18.4 x 25 inches.

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