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When thinking of keeping betta fish you want to know what are the best betta fish tanks available in 2022

What size of a tank is best for betta fish? The most popular size for betta fish is 2.5 gallons up to 10-gallon tanks.  20 Gallon tanks can also work well with betta fish, so I've also included some 20-gallon aquariums in this best betta fish tank review.

best betta tank

You want to try and decide what you want from your tank to avoid having to buy another size tank.  Consider whether you want to add other fish or even live plants.  This will help determine the size you require.

Cool betta fish tanks.

Kits are a great starting point when looking for a betta fish tank.  However, if in the future you want to keep live plants then you will need to consider whether the lighting is adequate for the live plants.  Also, will the filter be up to the job?  Another consideration is whether the filter is adjustable so the flow isn't too strong for the betta fish.

Facts About Betta Fish

Here are some top betta fish facts that will help you understand one of the most popular exotic pets. This information is not only very interesting but should help you keep your betta healthy and happy for many years to come.

Origin Of bettas And Other Names

The betta fish is also commonly referred to as Siamese fighting fish or the Beta Fighting Fish. It finds it's origins in Thailand and is a part of the "Osphronemidae" family of fish. While most betta's you see today are bred locally due to the high cost of acquiring a wild specimen they can still grow quite large with the average size being 2.5 to 3 inches in length.

What Do Betta's Eat?

Betta's are known to be picky eaters. In the wild, they typically will eat insect larvae and other small organisms.  For domestic pets, the usual food is either betta flakes or pellets which you can get in most pet stores. The proper feeding should be two to three pellets/flakes twice a day.  One-day weekly fasting helps maintain proper health and clean out their digestive systems.

They are also known to enjoy brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and bloodworms.  As with all feeding be sure to remove any uneaten food.  This will ensure the tank environment remains clean.

Best Betta Fish Tank Environments.

The optimum tank temperature should be between 75-85 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Special care should be taken to monitor ammonia levels on new tanks.  This can make your betta sick or even worse can be fatal. Be sure to wash your tank properly and change the water on a regular basis to maximize the lifespan of your betta.

The average lifespan of a typical domestic betta fish is between two and four years.  Those kept in a well-maintained aquarium reaching more than a six-year lifespan.

Here's a little-known betta fish fact that might amaze you! Bettas have a unique organ (respiratory) that will allow them to breathe air from the surface.  As a result, they must have access to the surface of the water so that they can breathe directly from the top. It is important to your betta's health to allow good ventilation from the outside.

Best Betta fish tank comparison table

Best betta fish tank reviews

Tetra 3 gallon LED Cube Aquarium Kit.

Best betta fish tank

The Tetra cube is a tank that is very popular for betta fish keepers. With it only being 3 gallons it will fit in almost any space you want. This makes it great for a bedroom space or even an office.

The Filter that comes with the kit is a Tetra 3i whisper 3 stage filter with bio bag. It has a nice slow flow outlet which is perfect for betta fish as they don't like a strong current and fast-moving water.

LED lighting is a nice design with the way it is mounted on the back of the tank and swoops over so you get some nice lighting from the LED's. The lighting is would say is more for highlighting your Betta rather than growing live plants in the tank.

The lid features a feeding hole which is nice and convenient.

With this size of the tank, it would only be adequate for one Betta fish, with some plants or even a snail. So would make a good betta fish tank

This kit doesn't come with a heater the Hydor 100W Submersible Glass Aquarium Heater would be a good choice for this betta tank.


  • Elegant design
  • Nice lighting for Betta fish


  • Light not strong enough for planted tanks.

Marineland 3 gallon Contour Glass Aquarium Kit.

best betta aquariums

The Marineland Contour Kit is a 3-gallon tank which is a nice size if you're just having the 1 betta fish due to the size I wouldn't recommend more than 1 betta for the size of this tank.

Filtration is a 3 stage system that has an adjustable flow filter pump with a RITE SIZE Z filter cartridge so you know the filter will be able to keep your aquarium in top condition.

3 stages of this filter are the mechanical filtration that uses a filter cartridge that screen out dirt and debris.

The Chemical filtration uses activated carbon inside the filter cartridge that removes odors and impurities.

Then the biological filtration uses a bio-foam that creates a 3-dimensional area for the cultivation bacteria which eliminates toxic ammonia.

LED lighting has two color settings that are energy efficient which are blue and white or just blue. So you can have the right lighting depending on the time of day, The Blue LED gives a nice relaxing moonlight glow, that will show off your Betta fish during the night. The lighting is hinged so you will still have easy access to the top of the tank. The LED light would be fine for low light plants.

The glass canopy can slide back over the tank filter to provide a gap for feeding or adding any water treatment with ease.

 A heater would be required Up to 15 Watt would be adequate for a 3 gallon tank. The Hydor 100W Submersible Glass Aquarium Heater, would be a good choice for this betta fish tank. Or the Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater With Electronic Thermostat is a good choice for this size tank.


  • Can set outlet flow low for betta
  • Lighting good for low light plants
  • Great after care from Marineland


  • Not the best cover with the kit

Fluval spec v 5-gallon aquarium.

betta fish aquarium

The Fluval 5 gallon tank would make a good better fish tank. This kit comes with all the equipment needed however it doesn't come with a heater. A 25-watt heater would be more than adequate to heat this 5-gallon tank and keep your betta fish happy.

This aquarium is a traditional etched glass tank rather than acrylic both have their pluses and minus it does come down to personal preferences on having a glass or acrylic tank for betta fish.

The filtration system is a 3 stage filter that is hidden in a clever compartment at one end of the aquarium so it's out of sight but easy to access when required. The filter uses and comes with a foam block, activated carbon, and BioMax rings. with the adjustable of the flow-outlet which makes it perfect for betta fish so you can keep the outlet flow down to a minimum so they don't have too much current to push them about which could stress them.

LED lighting has 37 LEDs that are powerful enough for a 5-gallon tank. so you know it will be well lite and enough light if you wanted to have some live plants. The design of the lighting is very stylish and fits nicely with the aquarium look.

A good tip for this kit if you want to control the output flow of the filter a bit more. Is with the use of a foam sponge filter over the output flow. The Fluval EDGE Pre-Filter Sponge does the job perfectly.


  • Great LED lighting
  • Everything nicely hidden away


  • Spong filter mod to control outlet flow
  • Lid not user friendly

API Panaview 5-gallon aquarium Kit.

cool betta fish tanks

The API Panaview is another good tank for betta fish, the seamless acrylic that has a flat back with a curved front would make a good home for a betta fish. being only 5 gallons then just the 1 betta fish would be best with some plants and rocks for the betta to escape to when needed.

The easy to use hood comes with 7 different colored LED's which are integrated into the hood. The different options with the colors would be ideal if you wanted to have some live plants so they get a good color spectrum. If you didn't have any plants then just the aqua blue and white light would be good for the betta fish.

filtration is the Super clean 10 that is rated to 45GPH so you know it will be up to the job of filtering your tank with the help of the ChemZorb 10 resin carbon filter. You know it will handle all the pollutants including odors, discoloration, toxic gasses with ease.

For this size of the tank, a 25-watt heater will be more than enough to heat this tank when needed.


  • Good lid fittings
  • Great for betta 
  • Lighting for low light plants


  •  Some have said about pump problems
  • Can be pain just to have white lights only 

Aqueon 10 gallon Aquarium Betta Fish Tank.

betta fish tank setup

Going up in size to a 10 gallon does give you more options on stocking. This Aqueon is another kit does is packed with some useful features like the filter that tells you when it next needs some maintenance and time to change the filter cartridge. It has an impressive 5-stage filtration system which also includes a Bio-Holster that removes toxic ammonia and nitrites for that extra filtration protection.

The lighting uses LEDs that are built into the low profile hood the lighting is a nice crisp natural daylight effect, so you know the inside of the tank will be well lite and show off your betta fish in all his or her glory.

It does come with a submersible pre-set 50-watt heater that is set at 78 degrees so you don't have to worry about the water dropping below the desired temperature with the thermometer you can keep an eye on the temperature.


  • LED maintenance reminder
  • Very easy to set up
  • Good lighting for live plants


  • Check filter gaurd for roughness

Marina 10-gallon LED Aquarium Kit.

best betta tank

The Marina LED kit comes in 5 gallons and up to 20 gallons in this kit format. Although 20 gallons sounds a bit big for betta fish they will always use the space you give them.  As long as you also give them some hiding places they will be happy betta's

It features a no thrills set up with the natural daylight LED lights that are built into the canopy for that minimalistic look without having a light over the top of the tank. You know being LED that will be long lasting and energy efficient. The lighting is also good for low light plants if you want to have some live plants with your betta fish.

Depending on the size the aquarium kit comes with an S10 or S20 easy to use the clip-on filter that makes changing the filter cartridge a doddle even for the beginner. The flow can be adjusted which is also a nice feature to have when keeping betta fish.


  • Pump is nice and quite


  •  Lights are very bright might encourage a lot of algae growth

Fluval Edge Aquarium LED Lighting

betta fish tank setup

The Fluval edge is a cube design that can give you 360 degrees viewing of your betta fish.  Just make sure you have some nice hiding places for your betta as they will appreciate a place to hide.

With the style of the tank, cleaning can be a little tricky.  With the only access through the top of the narrow entrance, the design does make it unique.

The lighting that comes with the Edge is very powerful and perfect if you also want to have some live plants with your betta fish.  This being a perfect place to hide! The 42 LEDs with 39 bright 7600K white LED's and 3 blue LED's to give the tank a nice contrast of light. You have the option to have just blue LEDs on for a moonlight effect or have all the light on for full illumination. Also, remember to turn them off so the betta also gets some downtime.

The filtration is the Fluval power filter that sits inside the pedestal column.  This makes it nicely out of view which gives the whole aquarium a stylish look. It uses a 3 stage filtration so you know the mechanical chemical and Boi all looked after. The filter is very similar to the Hagen's AquaClear clip-on filter range.

A 25 watt heater would be plenty for this 12 gallon tank.


  • Everything is hidden away
  • Friends will like the style
  • whole tank is well lite


  •  Can grow algae fast with lots of natural light
  • Can be little tricky to clean

Marineland Aquarium 20 gallon Kit with LED Light

Some might say 20 gallons is too big for betta fish.  As long as they have places to hide and explore they will love you for the extra space.

Also, larger tanks are a little bit easier to keep than smaller tanks.  This is, therefore, a good option for something just starting out keeping betta's

The Marineland is a well-established name in aquarium keeping.  This makes this tank kit a good choice for anyone looking to keep a betta.

It uses the penguin BioWheel and rite size filter cartridge.  With the  Bio-wheel taking care of any high nitrate levels and keep the ammonia under control.

The LED lighting can create a daylight that is more natural for the betta.  Also with the option of having a blue moonlight for a nice night effect. Again it's always good to keep the light down to a minimum during the night so they get a break and can relax. The lights are nicely integrated into the hood which is nice and secure even when the hood is opened. and being LEDs you know they are nice and energy efficient and will last a lot longer than traditional lights.

Heating is a 200-watt submersible heater that is plenty powerful enough to keep the tank at the recommended 70 - 80 degrees for betta fish.


  • Bio-Wheel filtration
  • Comes with a good 200 watt heater


  •  Watch for splashes from the filter on to connection.

How to Have Happy Healthy Betta Fish.

One of the most important things about betta health is to keep a clean and properly maintained the tank. The average life span of a betta fish is about two to three years.  However, with the correct environment, a betta can live as long as 6 years. Here are some of the most common health problems that can affect your betta fish.

Betta Fish Stress

Stress is a common problem with many different types of pet fish, and the betta is no different. The symptoms are usually common and can be diagnosed rather easily. Some of the most frequent symptoms are open sores (usually white or red in color) spotted skin and noticeable difficulty in breathing. They may also remain still or lie on the bottom of the tank for extended periods of time.

Usually water quality or other environmental conditions such as ammonia poisoning or recent changes to their habitat such as a new tank element can be the cause of their stress. Transfering them to a temporary container when you clean their tanks may also be a contributing factor.

Improper Tank Size.

Usually betta fish come in a small plastic cup when you purchase them from the pet store. In the wild, they live in rice paddies and ponds that are typically shallow still water, with lots of swimming room. A one-gallon tank is a minimum size you should have for them to live in. Any smaller can cause stress or create poor water quality which can lead to diseases and other health problems.

No Access To the Surface Air

One of the unique things about a betta fish is an organ called the “labyrinth“ which allows them to breathe air from the atmosphere. Due to this organ betta fish rely on and need access to surface air to remain healthy.  As a result, it is important to have a large surface area.  This should include good ventilation to ensure your betta`s optimum health.

Incorrect Water Temperature.

Betta fish should be provided with a clean environment.  Water temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees, which mimics the conditions found in the wild. An electric tank heater that maintains a constant temperature is highly recommended.  This is to ensure the water is not too cold which can result in poor health or loss of color. Hopefully this guide to finding the best betta tank will have helped you find the right home for your betta fish.

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