Some of the best unique fish tank decorations for the money 2020

The choices surrounding decorating your aquarium are endless!  As you start to search you will find there are lots of unique fish tank decorations.  It can sometimes take longer to choice your decor than your fish!  Please keep reading for some hints and tips.

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Some decor is reasonably priced whilst some can be more expensive.  This is why it is extremely important to do your research ahead of any purchase.  Always look at customer reviews to tap in to the knowledge of existing aquarium owners.

Decorating your tank should be fun, and whilst you need to finish with an aquarium that is pleasing to your eye, the habitat you are creating for your fish should be your first consideration.





best aquarium decor

Penn Plax Stone Replica Aquarium Decoration

S 2"H

M 3"H

L 4"H

fish aquarium decorations

Penn Plex Castle Aquarium Decoration

8"D x 12.8"W x 14.8"H

aquarium ornaments

Govine Aquarium Decorations

2.6"D x 3.9"W x 


unigue aquarium decor

Blue Ribbon Cambodian Temple Ruins

7"L x 6"W x 10.5"H

best aquarium ornaments

Imitation Coral Ornament Decoration


cool fish tank decorations

Instant Reef Artificial Coral Reef

12"L x 14."H Approx

fish tank rock decorations

AquaTop Blue/Purple Coral Decor

7.1"L x 6.6"W x 8.9"H

aquarium fish tank decorations

South Pacific Coral Replica Brain

8"L x 3.5"W x 5.5"H

fish tank decoration ideas

South Pacific Coral Replica Cats Paw

4.5"L x 9"W x 9"H

Rock Formation Aquarium Ornament

12"L x NA"W x 8"H

Aquarium decorations safety

I have listed this first as it is extremely important that you what ever you put in to your tank is safe for the environment and fish.  You should ensure that you use non-toxic high quality materials for artificial pieces and treated materials for natural pieces.

Also ensure that you thoroughly rinse all products before introducing them to the tank.  Natural pieces can have an impact on the water’s pH.  Testing the water after introduction of natural plants or wood is particularly important.

Natural Habitat

Take time to research the natural habitat for the fish you have chosen.  This will ensure your fish are at their happiest and will stand a much better chance of a long life.  This is particularly important when breeding fish.

Tank Decor for Marine Fish

When keeping marine fish you have to be mindful of whether the decoration is compatible with salt water.  Natural decorations such as corals are perfect for marine aquariums.  As the ecosystem of a marine aquarium is very important always understand any impact your decorations might have on the water and your fish.

Penn Plax Stone Replica Aquarium Decoration

best aquarium decor

This Penn Plax 8 piece  granite stone replica offers lots of hiding places for your fishies and they will love you for it. It's a very realistic stone set.

The colours on this stone set are a nice subtle shade of grey and black so will not over power the look of your aquarium.

As we know fish like to have their own territory withing your aqaurium so having this decor set gives them plenty of spaces withing your tank for them to relax in away from other fish in your tank.

The beauty of this 8 piece set up is that each rock is separate so you can arrange the stones how you want them to suit the look of your tank, A safety tip is to make sure the larger stones are at the bottom of your tank.  

These stones are made out of a durable resin that is safe to have in freshwater and saltwater aquariums and they are fish safe and also safe for live plants

Penn Plex Castle Aquarium Decoration

Another offering from Penn Plex. This castle looks amazing especially if you are aiming for a Harry Potter Hogwarts themed aquarium.

It has amazing detail that is hand painted. It features a castle that is perched on a rocky hill with waterfall flowing underneath for that extra effect. With a medieval cone shaped roof, stone details and archways to give it that realistic feel.

This castle will provide an amazing visual interest for anyone viewing your aquarium and your fish will enjoy exploring all the holes and crevasses so they can hide away and and enjoy swimming around all the passageways.  

The size of this castle is 12.8 inches wide 14.8 high and 8 inches deep.  This will require a decent sized tank.  You can also double up on the castle as this is only one half, as you can see the waterfall side can link onto the castle that is a mirror image of this castle, for that full tank setup if you have the space.

This aquarium ornament is freshwater and saltwater safe it is painted in a fish safe durable resin so you don't need to worry about it's effect on the water of any plants living in the tank.

Govine Aquarium Decorations

aquarium ornaments

These artificial mushrooms would look great in a ​glow aquarium they are made of fish safe soft silicone so you know when your fish brush up against them they won't be harmed in anyway.

They offer some nice little hidy places for your fish to just relax for a bit and to explore, betta fish do seem to like to explore the shrooms. With a little current in the tank they will move around nicely for that relaxing effect.

They have a strong suction cup on the base which sticks to the aquarium base nicely, when you first open the packet you might think they are very floppy but once submerged in the tank they stand up nicely.

Depending on what lighting you have they mushrooms can glow nicely white and blue lights seem to bring the glow effect out nicely

They measure 3.9 inches tall 3.9 inches wide with a depth of 2.6 inches so they won't take up to much space in your aquarium.

Blue Ribbon Cambodian Temple Ruins

If you like the Indiana Jones theme then this temple ruins will give you that look perfectly, It can be viewed from all sides, so if you have a tank that you can view from the rear then you won't need to worry.

With the door and window openings it's perfect for your fish to swim though and explore while offering some nice little places for them to hide when then feel like a rest.

It's a handcrafted piece that is safe for saltwater and freshwater aquariums that is non toxic so fish and plant safe. It is a tall piece that will need a decent sized tank as it is 10.5 inches tall, however it's not to wide or deep, it's 6 3/4 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches deep.

Imitation Coral Ornament Decoration

best fish tank ornaments

This absolutely stunning imitation coral will make a statement in any aquarium. Its high quality and vibrant color will always be an eye catcher. This allows you to have an artificial coral reef in your aquarium without the additional considerations and care routine that live corals demand.

This will still give instant beauty and realism of coral with low maintenance. Not affected by pH or temperature this allows stunning visual without the worry of maintaining a live coral.

Take care to rince thoroughly before inserting any new decor in to your tank. This avoids contamination. Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Instant Reef Artificial Coral Reef

cool fish tank decor

This is made from high quality resin. Non-toxic and safe for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

The vibrant colors will bring a wonderful look to your aquarium. This piece has lots of hideout places which fish love to search and find. So this provides something that is both pleasing to the eye for you and lots of fun for your fish.

This is a larger piece so consider your tank size before purchasing. In a medium to large tank this can create a most beautiful center piece.

For larger tanks, be extravagant and have 2 pieces along side each other!

AquaTop Blue/Purple Coral Decor

fish tank rock decor

The picture is a little deceiving! The size of this piece is 8.9"x 7.1"x 6.6"

Its vibrant color is just stunning and will bring a wonderful natural coral look to your aquarium. This gives your fish something to flutter in and around which is sure to keep them happy be providing a natural habitat feel to your tank.

Made from high quality non-toxic polyresin this piece will never discolor and will provide maintenance and worry free coral reel keeping.

This can be glued, using the appropriate coral adhesives, to live rock or other artificial pieces.

Fish safe for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

South Pacific Coral Replica Brain Coral

aquarium fish tank decor

You can see exactly why this is called brain coral. An intriging collection of mini tubes that form to produce this wonderful artificial piece.

Again, this one is a relatively large piece measuring 8" x 5.5" x 3.5" but can easily fill that place in your aquarium that you have been trying to figure out what fits best!

Deemed ecofriendly as by using imitation it reduces any demands on our fast diminishing natural ocean source.

When using coral, color is so important. This piece will not let you down. Its striking appearance will compliment any coral reef aquarium.

Safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums this non-toxic high quality polyresin is durable. The color runs right through and so if you should chip a piece it will go unnoticed.

South Pacific Coral Replica Cats Paw

fish tank decoration ideas

This piece measures 9"x 4.5"x 9.5" and once washed to sterilize you can insert it straight in to your tank. This will provide an instant impact visually to your aquarium.

This is a really impressive piece that will catch the eye of on lookers. The fish will love it too! Lots of branches for them to roam around and explore. Providing your fish with an environment that makes them feel relaxed contributes to ensuring a long life. This can be achieved, particularly for marine fish, by having a coral reef tank.

High quality resin which with very minimal maintenace will last a lifetime.

Whilst coral is generally used in saltwater tanks, this is also safe to use in any freshwater tank too.

Rock Formation Aquarium Ornament

tank decor

Live rock is widely used in freshwater and saltwater aquarium set ups however artificial rock can provide a very low maintenace alternative and still be visually as effective as live rock.

The color will not diminish due to the use of high quality resin which is hand painted. Completely safe for saltwater and freshwater fish.

This piece can provide a very natural habitat feel for most fish. Its rough edges even provide a space for essential bacteria to breed.

As with all tank decor this provides a feature that the fish can curiously investiagte alongside providing a vital hiding place for smaller passive fish.

Easily cleaned with hot water and a plastic bristle brush.

Tall aquarium decorations

Here are a few selections of decorations for the taller tank.

Saim Aquatic Creations Corner Column

The Aquatic Creations Corner Column gives an elevated perspective and is perfect for tanks that perhaps have a smaller ground area.  By using this decoration is can cleverly give the view that the tank is bigger.  Also there is lots of room still for your fish to have fun swimming around the columns.  In particular some little hiding places for your bottom dwellers.

Product Features:
This product is of course high quality resin.  Its non-toxic and vert easy to keep clean.  It weighs only 560g and is 5.5" x 4.7" at the bottom and is 9.4 inches tall.

It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Whilst is looks like stone there is no sharp edges on this decoration so no harm will come to your fish.

MOVEmen-- Flower Fish Tank Aquarium Ornament Roman Temple Ruins

Your fish will absolutely love this decoration with its multitude of hiding places.  At 6.7 inches tall there is plenty of room for all your fish to play around the statues.  High quality resin and its base is 3.7" x 5.5" so won't take up too much of the substrate area. The base is very sturdy and won't tip over.

Of course, as you would expect, this is non toxic and extremely easy to clean though a toothbrush might be a good idea to get in to all the areas of the decoration when cleaning.

This would be an absolute delight in any saltwater or freshwater aquarium.

SPORN Aquarium Decoration, Corner Column

tall aquarium decorations

You can't go wrong with ancient columns in your tank.  Lots of room for your fish to flit around and enjoy some playtime chasing tank mates around!

This will give an amazing visual perspective to your tank and is particularly effective in smaller tanks to make them look larger by taking the viewers eye line up as well as across the tank.

This product provides all the usual high standard of materials and ability to clean which is common place in today's saltwater and freshwater decorations.  This is completely safe for your fish, not just from the non toxic high quality resin but also because it has no sharp areas so your fish can enjoy it without coming to any harm.

At only 6.5 X 8.3 inches at the base this will not take up too much of your ground area, but at 10 inches tall you will benefit from what looks like a larger decoration.