Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review & buyers guide 2022

fluval fx6 filter review

We know how important it is for aquarium keeper to have the right filter for your tank as it really is the heart of any aquarium
You need the filter to take care of a lot of things and give the fish the perfect marine ecosystem for them to thrive.
To make sure that happens, I do recommend you to take a look at the FX6 filter. Manufactured by Fluval, this excellent aquarium filter delivers all the best possible advantages.

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fluval fx6 filter review

 FX6 400 Gallon Filter

  • Can handle 400 gallon tanks
  • 563 gph
  • smart self prime system
  • Multi-directional output nozzle
  • Built with a monthly maintenance reminder
fluval fx6 canister filter vs marineland magniflow
  • Filter foam pads screen out dirt and debris
  • Quick prime button
  • Quiet operation
  • 360 gph
Penn Plax canister filter Vs fluval FX6 aquarium filter
  • Can handle 200 gallon tanks
  • 350 gph
  • Instant prime
  • 360 deg rotational valve attachment
  • very quiet
fluval fx6 review
  • Aqua stop valves
  • 383 gph
  • Instant prime
  • Quiet operation
  • 4 filter media baskets
pinkay Vs FX6 filter
  • Quick disconnect couplings
  • UV Sterilisation
  • Can filter up to 200 gallon aquariums
  • 525 gph
aquarium canister filter
  • Adjustable spray bar
  • UV Sterilisation
  • Can filter up to 150 gallon aquariums
  • 525 gph
  • Advanced Hydro-Tech LCD screen monitor
  • 265 gph
  • Can filter up to 160 gallon aquariums
  • Measures temperature and water flow rate
  • On-board maintenance schedule
fluval fx6 aquarium canister filters
  • Adjustable telescopic spray bar
  • 345 gph
  • Can filter up to 150 gallon aquariums
  • Easy priming system
  • 4 filter media baskets

Some of the Excellent Features Of The Fluval FX6 Aquarium Filter

The Fluval canister system. If you are unfamiliar with this system, is, in essence, a three-stage filtration, the aquarium water goes through three stages that separate all kind of dirt and food. It looks after the chemical and biological impurities. The three stages are, Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical which are easy to access via the three filter media trays.

The capacity of this filter is big and can be used to filter large aquariums. This particular model can filtrate aquariums up to 400 gallons.
This model has an on-board monthly maintenance reminder. It will let you know every month when the time has come for you to maintain it. This does take a lot of the stress out. You don't ever have to worry about the fact that you might forget to clean your filter, or when you cleaned it last.

FX6 Smart pump technology

The filter comes with a smart pump technology that has been built in the filter by the manufacturers. This technology takes care of the efficiency and performance of the filter.
The setup is pretty easy, you don't need to do too much to get the filter up and running. It takes less than a few minute to start and you just have to plug it in and add some aquarium water.

The system is very quiet as the cover has been designed in such a way that it absorbs the sound. The pump impellers are designed that there is a minimum amount of vibration produced.
The AquaStop valves make the maintenance a lot easier as you can remove the hoses and the canister without worrying about any spills. Our other Fluval 406 we reviewed is also a good choice as that also have the AquaStop system.

FX6 filtration

As said earlier, the Fluval filter supports three-stages of filtration. These are mechanical Biological and Chemical. The mechanical part is any debris the filter picks up as the first stage.
Also, you have the Biological stage of the filter, Bio filtration is a pollution control technique
The primary biological filtration for reef aquariums usually comes from the use of live rock
Chemical Filtration in the form of activated carbon is used when needing to remove discoloration of the water or to remove dissolved matter. These are the 3 stages of a good filtration system.

Fluval FX6 Capacity

The Capacity of the FX6 aquarium filter is up to 400 gallons which is one of the larger capacity out there. and did well in our what is a good fish tank filter and is a great option if you are thinking of going to a larger aquarium in the future this filter will be a great addition.

How loud is the fluval fx6

Like most pumps, there are impellers inside which is what generates the movement of the water through the filter. Some can be noisier than other, this Fluval model is one of the less intrusive filters on the market due to the clever cover that absorbs any noise or vibration.

A good tip is to clean out the housing that holds the motor and impeller using Q-tips as you can get a build up of slime that can give some resistance of for the impeller which can make it a bit noisy, so cleaning the impeller regularly is something worth doing.

How user-friendly is the Fluval FX6

The filter uses a self-priming system that makes getting the filter up and running very quickly indeed. And the added reminder of when the filter needs any maintenance makes it a very easy filter to use. The user manual gives a very detailed explanation of all the steps involved and how to maintain the filter for years to come.

How to clean fluval FX6 filter

Understanding how to clean your Fluval FX6 Filter is very important to maintaining the good bacteria within your aquarium. Follow the steps below to help you clean your canister.
1 - Unplug your filter - this sounds obvious but can easily be forgotten.
2 - Close both the intake and output valves - this is done by using the plastic switches next to each of the valves.
3 - Locate the drain tap and the bottom of the canister and attach a hose.
4 - With the hose placed into an empty bucket, open the drain tap to release the water. Make sure you keep the water you collect from the filter as you will use this to clean your media. This is because it has good bacteria balance and therefore maintains this after cleaning. Do not use clean tap water to clean your media as this will neutralize your good bacteria and you will be forced to cycle your tank again.
5 - Remove the outtake valve - have an old towel to hand as there will be residual water in the hose which you will need to catch.#
6 - Unhook the intake valve on the other side of the filter.
7 - Unscrew and lift down the white rim connectors.
8 - Remove the lid and lift out the filter cartridge.
9 - Flip down the red tabs on the outside of the filter.
10 - Remove the sponges and rinse thoroughly in the water you collected when you drained the filter.
11 - Rinse through any ceramic media in the center pockets of the filter.
12 - You are now ready to reverse the process to put it all back together.
13 - Once back together take 2 gallons from your tank. This can count as a partial water change for smaller tanks so you can time this with the cleaning of your filter to maintain a good care cycle for your tank.
14 - Ensuring your drain tap is back into the closed position pour the tank water into your canister.
15 - When replacing the white rim connectors take care not to over tighten these as you will risk stretching the O ring within the lid of the canister.
16 - When replacing the intake and output hoses and valves wait for the 'click' as confidence that the valve is seated properly. Also, ensure the valve taps are turned back to the 'on' position.
17 - You are now ready to plug the filter back in and turn it on.

When you first turn the filter back on it will work any excess air through the canister first. This will cause it to be a little noisy to start with. After a short period of time, the filter will turn off and allow air to pass through into the tank. You will see small bubbles coming out of the dual pipes that go into the tank.

How Often Should I clean my Fluval FX6 Filter?

As with all filters, this is will be dependant on the size and stock levels in your tank.
Every 6-8 weeks would appear to be the average cycle applied by most hobbyists. You will need to clean your filter more frequently if you are running carbon media. The recommendation would be every month in this instance.
You will know after your first clean whether you need to shorten the period of time between cleans. You may find you can also lengthen the time of the sponges appear relatively clean.

What does fluval FX6 come with

When you receive your box it appears huge but needs to be this size as it contains everything you need. On opening the box you will receive the following:

  • 4 meters of 1-inch tubing
  • 3 removable media baskets
  • purge valve hosing
  • Biomax and Biofoam media
  • a carbon pad
  • intake and output assembly
  • 2 X media bags
  • metal clamps
  • rim connectors
  • user manual 

Pros and Cons Fluval FX6 Filter

  • The capacity of the filter makes it one that you can upgrade your aquarium size and not have to worry about having to purchase another filter.
  • The quietness of the FX6 makes it less intrusive than some other filters.
  • The bi-monthly reminder for maintenance is a nice feature and not having to remember when you last cleaned the filter takes the stress out.
  • The multi-stage filtration is a must have for any aquarium and you know the Fluval FX6 takes care of all the aquariums filtration needs.
  • The cost of the filter is a little higher than most.

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